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Gems Natural Hair Care

Heat Damage On Natural Hair

The Dangers Of Relaxer On Childrens Hair

Safe And Healthy Ways To Wear Weaves

Guide To Starting Locs

Unprofessionalism In The Hair Salon

Tips On Going Back To Natural

Keeping Locs Healthy:5 Tips

Tips On Wearing Braids

Tips On Choosing A Great Hair Salon And Stylist

Alopecia: Hair Loss Caused By Unhealthy Hairstyles

Carols Daughter Conditioning System

Simple Natural Styles For At Home

My Journey To Healthy Living

My Journey Th;6rough Pcos

Jenna's Bio

Gems Hair Care Youtube Channel

The Big Chop

Protecting Your Edges

Gabby Douglass Is Getting A Reality Show

A Journey To Weight Loss

Being Passionate About What You Do.

Be Comfortable In Your Skin.

The Skyy Is The Limit In Natural Hair Edited By Gems

How To Go After Your Dream And Succeed

The Benefits Of Shea Butter

Did You Know That Cocoa Butter Is Good For Your Natural Hair?

Is Your Natural Hair Preventing You From Getting A Job?

Women Causing Our Own Struggle.

Stop Wearing Tight Buns And Ponytails

Weight Loss Journey For Women

How To Grow Long, Natural And Healthy Hair

Who Really Has The Power?

The Importance Of Trimming Hair

How To Keep My Color Treated Natural Hair Healthy

Coloring Your Natural Hair

Being A Product Junkie.

Natural Kiddies

Gems Natural Hair Care Hair Talks

Learning How To Free Yourself Through Your Hair

Trusting Your Hair Stylist With Your Natural Hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse For Natural Hair

Bad Hair Day

Crochet Braids The New Hype

Reasons To Not Relax Your Childs Hair

Dont Be Lazy With Your Hair

Make Your Hair Something To Talk About

To Have Healthy Natural Hair You Must Live Naturally

Natural Hair Needs Shape

Hair Forum #1

Reasons To Be A Hairstylist

Tina Knowles Gets Married At 61

Bruce Jenner's Transition

The Protests In Baltimore For Freddy Gray

Hair Stylists Should Get There Money Up Front

Tamar Is Rumored To Not Paying Workers

Child Protective Services Launch Investigation On Baltimore Mom Who Hit Son

You Have To Trim Your Ends

The Shrinkage Blues

Your Natural Curl Kit

Nairobi Foam Wrap Tutorial

Healthy Ways To Color Your Hair

Client Rants #001

Steps To Doing The Big Chop

Help Me With My Natural Hair!!

Reasons Why People Choose To Go Natural

Dry Hair By "curlyrebel Skyy"

Nappy Is Not A Word To Describe Our Hair

10 Top Etiquette Tips For Visiting A Hair Salon

My Hair Is My Crown

The Importance Is Shampooing Your Natural Hair

Professional Products Versus Store Bought Products

Natural Hair Vesus Relaxed

5 Things You Need To Know About Co-washing

Support Black Owned Businesses

Good Hair: Is There A Such Thing?

Free Hair Care Conditioning Kit

Free Promotional Course

Dirty Hair Is Nasty!!....or Is It?

Stop Asking For Free Knowlege!!

Saying Your Natural Doesn't Make You Natural

Respect Goes A Long Way.

Taking Care Of Your Hair During Your Summer Vacay

Professional Color Is The Best Way To Go

Get A Hair Care Regimen

Tips To Styling Your Twa

How To Grow Out Relaxed Hair With Out Doing The Big Chop

Couples Going Natural Together

Keeping Your Hair Healthy While Working Out

Loving Yourself No Matter The Size

No One Is Ever 100% Natural

Traction Alopecia

Are Naturals Too Serious?

What's Your Hair Type?

Erica Campbell Video "i Luh God

Benifits Of Olive Oil For Natural Hair

Using Food As Hair Care Products

Taking Care Of Bi Racial Hair

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Hair While Transitioning To Natural.

Loving My Hair Even More That I'm Natural

How To Infuse Moisture Into Your Dull & Dry

Shrinkage: Tips On Dealing With Shrinkage On Natural Hair

Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural Hair Full Guide

Are You Causing Your Hair Not To Grow?

Bad Ways To Transition Your Hair To Natural

When Protective Styles Can Do Permanent Damage

Do You Really Need Shampoo?

Growing Your Edges Back

The Up And Down Guide To Going Natural

Natural Hair Product Guide

What Is The Porosity Of Your Hair

What Is The Porosity Of Your Hair?

Transitioning Your Little Girls Hair

Building A Hair Regimen

Gems Tutorial Course

4c Texture Natural Hair Tips

Lazy Naturals

The Regimen Of Combing Your Natural Hair

Cleansing Your Natural Hair

Natural Hair Equals Confidence

Gems Hair Talks

Tips On Protective Styling And Techniques For Natural Hair

Tips On Using Gels On Natural Hair

Frizzy Natural Hair Tips

Natural Hair In The Workplace

How To Grow Your Natural Hair

Know What Products That Works For You

Why Is My Natural Hair So Dry?

Are Afros For Everyone?

Zoe Kravitz Identity Crisis With Being Black

Stereotypes Of Black Women

Ways To Work With Shrinkage With My Natural Hair

10 Easy Steps In Going Natural

How To Stretch Out My Curls

Steps To Transitioning Your Hair From Relaxed To Natural

Tips On Different Natural Diy Hairstyles

Natural Vs Relaxed Hair

Wearing Your Hair Natural Is Your Choice

The Color Guide To Natural Hair

Stylist Retaliated On Child Due To Non Payment From Parent

What Is Too Sexy For Church Attire?

Terminology That A True Cosmetolegist Should Use

The Worst Advice For Growing Natural Hair

Learn To Love Your Natural Hair

What Your Little Girls Needs To Hear Daily

Neyo Says F*** Yall..i'm Happy!!

Havana Hair For Crochet Braids

Crochet Weave How To Guide

How To Manage You Natural Hair

How To Grow Long Natural Hair

Products That Works Wonders On Natural Hair

Tips On Detangling Natural Hair

Kinky Wefted Hair For More Volume

Miss D Overcoming All Obstacles

Using Relaxer And Color Without Compromising The Health Of The Hair

Can I Relax My Hair Immediately After Removing Braids?

Does Monistat Really Work? Fact Or Fiction

5 Reasons Why I Choose Not To Go Natural

Reasons Why Natural Hair Is Better

Tips For Stretching Out Your Relaxer Time

Hair Care And Health For Black Women

Should You Take Your Bonnet Off For Your Man?

Making Your Natural Hair Fierce

Natural Vs Relaxed

Things You Need To Know About Transitioning

Is Being Sexy In Church Appropriate?

So I Did The Big Chop. So Now What?

Natural Hair And Living Support The Cause

The Key To Finding The Perfect Leave In? Shop By Hair Wi

Tips For Moisturizing Dry Natural Hair (low Porosity)

Get Maximum Wear Out Of Your Crochet Braids

Tips On Moisturizing Natural Hair

What Does Having Natural Hair Mean?

Tips On Finding A New Hair Stylist Or Salon

10 Tips For Moisturizing Natural Hair

Is It Ever Too Soon To Have Sex?

Is A Younger Man Easier To Have A Relationship With?

Health Benefits Of Having Sex

Gems Hair Talks....a Hair Care Empire

Do It Yourself Hair Color

Gems Hair Talks Rants Rules And Regulations

Does Skin Tone Dictate Hair Color Choice?

Purchase "i'm Enough" By Niki Robinson

How To Keep Hair Healthy

Is Having Natural Hair Cheaper For Your Pockets?

Guide To Shampooing Your Sew In Weave

4 Signs A Long Term Transition To Natural Hair Isn't For You

Transitioning Your Hair

Natural Hair Vs. Corporate America:

Can A Woman Be Mommy And Daddy To Their Child?

Hair Talks Mag *****click Here*****

Benefits Of Steaming Your Naturally Hair

Eat Healthy For Hair Growth

Beyonce's New Video "formation"

A Hairstylist Commits Murder Over A Weave

Chrisette Michele Opens Up About Living With Pcos & No Longer Being Vegan Whet

Does All Colors Look Good On Everybody?

Grow Your Edges Back Fast

Crochet Weave Tutorial

Going Natural: Should You Transition Or Do The Big Chop?

Review On Beyonce's New Album Lemonade

Halo Braid Tutorial

How To Style A Half Wig Tutorial

Ashanti On The Breakfast Club.

Product Tutorial:shampoo

Tamar And Vince On The Breakfast Club

When Cooking Crabs Goes Wrong!!

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