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Benefits Of Steaming Your Naturally Hair

4 Benefits of Steaming Natural Hair MOISTURIZING NATURAL HAIR CARE Admittedly, I was never one for steaming my hair.... until I tried it. Now, you can't get me to stop. Steaming my hair has been one of the most game-changing practices that I've incorporated into my regimen. I steam my hair as a pre-poo/detangling treatment, for mid-week moisture, to refresh styles, for conditioning, and more. Steaming has done wonders for me, in terms of my transition to natural hair. I find that my hair breaks less, sheds less, my styles last longer, I spend less money on products, and my hair retains more moisture. Plus, my curls are more lively than they've ever been. Everything a transitioner could ask for, right? What is steaming hair? Steaming involves using moist heat on the hair, as opposed to dry. Steaming the hair creates a humid environment, optimal for absorption of moisture, among other benefits. Why is steaming so good for your hair? Here are four good reasons to steam your hair: 1. To add moisture without hygral fatigue. Especially with this being Summertime and "out" styling is at an all time high, it is easier for elements (sun, wind, etc.) to dry out hair. To prevent unnecessary wear and tear on my tresses, I try to avoid having to restyle my hair every day. I couldn't imagine starting a fresh wash n' go, twist and curl, or satin strip braidout every day for the sake of restoring
moisture. This is where steaming comes in - steam allows you to add moisture to your hair without having to start from scratch, soak your hair, or ruin your style. Because hygral fatigue wears and tears on the hair due to expanding and contracting (when soaked in water and drying), steaming is an excellent alternative without the damage. Steaming is also more effective at moisturizing than your run of the mill spray bottle, which you'll see in point #2. 2. To gently lift the cuticle for better penetration of ingredients. With the cuticle gently lifted, getting in water to moisturize (you'll still want to lightly seal) is a great benefit of steaming. Additionally, when looking to condition your hair and really get those restructurizing and replenishing ingredients in, steaming is your best bet. 3. To promote hair strength and elasticity. Whenever you add water to your hair, you are adding moisture. Whenever your hair has the proper moisture balance, you ward off dryness, brittleness, and breakage. This is especially important for transitioners, and dealing with the line of demarcation between the natural and damaged hair. 4. Steaming also enhances your natural curl pattern and promotes clumping without sacrificing volume.One of the keys to great definition (regardless of texture) is moisture. Because steaming allows you to get the moisture without dunking your head in a tub of water, you're able to walk out the door with lively and defined kinks, coils, corkscrews, and curls...and your hair isn't dripping.  Reference Reference


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