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Tips On Going Back To Natural

I have been natural for over 12 years. I locked my hair. Locking hair is not the only method of wearing your hair. The beauty of going back to natural is that you are going to learn your own hair. This process is not always easy. We look at magazines everyday and we imagine that our hair will look exactly like the women in the magazines. I'm not saying that you can not achieve something close to that but please do not expect that. One thing about natural hair is that there are so many textures and densities. This process is going to be a lot like a box of chocolates; you really wont know what you will get until at least a year later. I will be sharing with you some tips on going natural that has worked for myself and my clients. 1. First and foremost you need to find a stylist that specializes on the transitioning and upkeep of natural hair. Remember going back to natural does not mean to neglect your hair. 2. Once you have found a reputable stylist please make sure that they give you a consultation. During this consultation the stylist should be asking about your hair and how often you go to the salon. This is something that you cannot forget to do. A good stylist should advise you to get trims every 6 to 8 weeks. Any one who does not encourage you to trim, please know that they may not be fully educated on natural hair. 3. If you have relaxer in your hair this must be removed by getting a haircut. This means the Big CHOP. This is the most healthy way to go. Having two textures in your hair is not the best because it promotes breakage and heat damage. There are not too hairstyles that are meant for blended hair. Now what I advise for you to do is not go more than three months to do the Big Chop. The reason being is that your hair will begin to be unmanageable and it will start to break off. Also when combing your hair is difficult that means its time for a trim. When you hear tearing and popping this is detrimental to your hair. You rather make the decision yourself to begin the journey than be forced to cut all of your hair down to the natural texture. This will be a shock to you and than you will not be happy. 4. Make sure that your stylist treats your hair on every visit. This keeps your hair and its coils in a good way so you can manage it in between visits.
5.Please do not have too many styles that encourages too much tension on your hairline. I have seen so many women come to me with alopecia around the edges due to weaves and braids. I'm not saying that this is not a style that can be worn, I'm saying that these hairstyles if not done correctly will encourage irreversible damage. Your natural styles should not be left in your hair more than three weeks. Braids and weaves no more than six weeks. 6. Please be proud of your hair and not be ashamed. You will be surprised on how the internal feelings of one self will affect the outward look on yourself. Natural Hair is a journey and it is much easier to go through this with a hair stylist that is knowledgeable on natural hair. 7. Please be patient. Hair roughly grows about 6 inches a year if you are healthy and take vitamins. It can grow more if you exercise and drink plenty of clean filtered water. So don't rush the experience. Try to enjoy every growth state of your hair. 8. Cover your hair up with a satin bonnet. The pillowcases encourages dryness and breakage. 9. Please do not administer too much heat and straightening because you will cause heat damage. Also your natural curl will not come back the same. Depending on your texture this can happen after the first straightening or down the line. Too much heat acts like a relaxer. This means that your hair will remain straight and you will begin to have a jherri curl look. This means that it will be curly with straight ends. This will cause you to HAVE to start the whole process again if you continue. SO LIMIT (IF DONE EVER) STRAIGHTENING AND BLOWDRYING ON HIGH HEAT. I hope these tips have helped you and Good Luck to you on your Natural Hair Journey. Jenna Gems Natural Hair Care Salon For great vitamin information


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