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Tips On Choosing A Great Hair Salon And Stylist

How to choose a GREAT hair salon and stylist One good thing to know is that communication is key. You must try to not walk into the hair salon with unrealistic expectations. Just know that starting with a new hairstylist takes a team effort. Sometimes you have to allow things to flow naturally and allow the stylist to get to know you. Being a senior cosmetolegist myself I have exerienced many types of situations to help me come up with this healthy topic. I have noticed since the internet has become the norm, the personalism of the hairstylist client relationship has been jeopardized. So these next few tips have helped me and my clients establish a well working and healthy relationship. 1. Before even calling a salon visit there website. The website generally says what they do and offer. You can kind of get the feeling of the salon simply by their website. Don't just look at the first page peruse through the site so if you call them you already have a feeling of what you want. Since things are on the phone it is hard for a haistylist to do any suggestions over the phone. So you should come to the call already knowing what you want. 2. You should always get a consultation before the service. During this consultation the stylist should ask you questions and as well give you time to ask questions. This is done before you get to the chair. Price is discussed at this time as well. This promotes comfort for you and the stylist. 3. I know the price is very important as well. Please do not expect an exact price over the phone because the stylist does not know all that they have to do until they meet you. So allow them to ask you questions and answer them exact as possible so they can quote you the best price. Always take at least $35 more just in case things change once you get there. Learn how to be a team player. Never say that you are calling around thats not a good way to get a good price.
4. If you do not like to wait all day in the salon try to look for an appointment only salon. These salons are usually a bit more pricey due to the fact that they are taking the time out to just do your hair for a certain time slot. Make sure that you are on time or if you are going to be late let them know. 5. Always make sure that you communicate your concerns and desires when it comes to you hair. Hair stylists are not mind readers. We usually just go by what you ask for and add in our own style. I myself always ask my clients how things are going. I call them "check points". This does not mean that the stylist is new, it just means that this is the first meeting and that she/he is just finding out what suits you. 6. The first visit may not go all the way smooth. Its called a Learning Curve. You both are learning each other. Please allow for that. 7. Tip your stylist. This is not required but it is just a good thing to do. It tells your stylist that you were pleased and satisfied and it also encourages them to continue doing that same service each time. 8. Finally, visit your hair stylist often. This promotes a good relationship as well as healthy hair. Having too many people in your hair is not healthy. Your hairstylist knows your hair and the products that works well with your hair. Each time you go to a new stylist you have to go through the new stage over and over again. If there comes a time when you have to change stylists please communicate what you expect in the beginning. Great hair does not have time for guess work. Communication between you and your hairstylist will help you have great and healthy hair for years to come. Once you find that great stylist make sure you take care of her/him because if you take care of them they will take care of you. Good Luck on finding that great hair stylist!! Jenna senior cosmetologist


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