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My Journey Through Pcos

Natural ways to deal with PCOS I have been dealing with pcos for over 10 years. Pcos stands for Poly Cystic Ovarion Syndrome. It is more common than many women know. It is a disorder and it is totally treatable with a healthy diet and excersise. This disorder causes alot of issues with the reproductive system. It will prevent ovuation and cause your cycle to be irregular. This is very stresful for any woman who would like to start a family. The thing about this disorder is that it is so common that people mistake it as being something that is normal. I had irregular cycles and weight gain and diabetes. I also had high blood pressure. I had all of this happen to me at the young age of 22. Once I was diagnosed I made some drastic changes to my diet. Now I still stuggled with weight as well after this change. I chose to go through my diet and literally cut alot of things out. Large amounts of sugar in the diet as well as being a diabetic made me a great candidate for this to happen. In simple terms we as women have to be more conscious about what we ingest. The things that we love the most like sweets,chocolate,ice cream,chips and other sweet comfort foods are causing this to happen.
We have to be aware that too many Carbs causes hormonal issues. The imbalance of hormones, one being insulin is the mother of PCOS. Insulin is produced in the pancreas. When we eat too much sweets it causes our pancreas to produce insulin in abundance. This causes the body to start to resist it because it sees it as foreign. This is called insulin resistance (please refer to GOOGLE for more info). So to bring this up to 2015. My story is totally different now. I have lossed over 60 lbs since 2003. I have controlled my diabetes and high blood pressure. I have also regained a 28 day cycle. This has been simply because of diet number one and excersise. You cannot have one with out the other. If you had to absoulutely choose I would choose diet. Diet is simply the path to healthiness. There is no magic pill for this, it is just plain and simple, you must kickstart a healthy diet. This means to incorporate more leafy greens and vegetables. Also please cut down if not completly out Bread, Potatoes, sweets. It can be done and it shall be done if you want it bad enough. Im still writing this chapter of my life so stay tuned for some more great results. Oh and one last thing. You must have a great support system. My husband of almost 12 years has been there through it all. God has placed him here to be my partner in life. He has helped me and he drives me daily to keep it up. What God has put together may no man put asunder. Blessings to all who may have a struggle. Just know that Through Jesus Christ anything is possible. Don't Give Up.!!


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