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Protecting Your Edges

I saw an article on a makeup pencil that can fills in your edges to make them more fuller. I guess that this is a cool thing if you really need it. I am a fan of just maintaining your edges. Please stop wearing hairstyles that are too tight. If you feel any tugging or pulling while getting a hairstyle please tell your stylist. Having natural hair does not mean that it can take more tension. In fact it makes it more fragile and it has more chances of becoming damaged. I remember getting cornrows so tight that my whole head was on fire. I kept the style in for less than 24 hrs. My head was on fire and I could barely concentrate. About an hour after the braider was finished I saw bumps forming around my edges. When you have bumps that means that the hairstyle is too tight. Once this is noticed you need to take the hairstyle out immediately, or you will cause some damage. The damage can become permanent if the styles are continuously used.
Tips on choosing a good Braider. Look at some of there work. If you see any pulling or puckering on the skin that means that they braid too tight. Your skin should not pull while wearing braided styles. Also make sure that you tell the braider to not braid your edges. You can always use some edge control to lay edges down. Ask them to do a sample braid on you before the whole service is done. if it is too tight tell them immediately. My ladies with the (TWA) Teeny weenie afro, Please stop wearing tight head bands. These Head bands are causing your edges to become thin. Your hair around your edges is called vellus hair. This hair is like peach fuzz. It does not grow fast and it is easily damaged. I hope this helps you out and be nice to your edges


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