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Being Passionate About What You Do.

Whatever you plan to do with your life, please make sure that you do something that you love. When you do what you LOVE you feel accomplished and less stress. Even if the money is not exactly what you are looking for passion makes up for that. I myself am a "cosmetolgical" engineer. I got this term from a lady I met at a hair expo. She helped me see that I not only do hair but I am an educator, stylist and salon owner. Everyday I change lives by simply making them feel better with themselves. Lets just be real when you look better you feel better. I'm blessed to be able to help women and men feel better about themselves and to be proud to walk out in society. The art to feeling good about yourself is helping someone out. Notice that I said someone. Its not about the numbers but the quality of which you help. I think of myself as a mentor first. As I learn I pass it along. Information and Knowledge is not meant to stay private. Help others and God will open doors for you.
Passion goes far and it ignites success. Your homework is to be passionate about whatever you do. My grandmother would say if you are a ditch digger, be the best damn ditch digger that you can be. Be proud and Be blessed!!


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