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The Skyy Is The Limit In Natural Hair Edited By Gems

Hey Curlfriends, my name is Skyy I'm a Natural hair care stylist at Gems hair care in Baltimore, md and I specialize in natural hair care. I chose the name @Curlyrebel_ because of the risk I took just like many others in my natural hair journey. Every stylist, "youtubers", Naturalistas all make mistakes we are all human! But not many share their complete journey as far as hair growth. Everything we see these women do in the natural hair care community that we idolize are not always properly represented. You have to think about the following things. 1.will my hair benefit from this style I know enough about my hair to experiment.Before I became a hair stylist I too experimented and took to YouTube for my next "protective style" I cut and colored my own hair in this twa stage a stage where your cannot hide behind your hair . unfortunately you and your coils are not to be considered beautiful in society. Everything about the "curl type system" is making it even more discouraging to love your hair and these manufacturers wants you to buy boat loads of products to feel comfortable in rocking your "fro" I am showing you ways you can shape and define your natural curl pattern and embrace your natural. "You" as well will have your journey with natural hair.
I corrected the mistakes that I made. A professional is needed to care for your hair definitely during this time because natural hair is fragile. These youtubers are helping society lose respect for the great field of cosmetology. Before you try to immulate what you see your favorite Youtuber do ask yourself these questions three questions 1.will my hair benefit from this style I know enough about my hair type,texture & porosity this maybe a way to get you to spend your money on the products. the "youtubers" are paid. Its not easy when society says if your hair is "bushy" or short with kinks that your not beautiful. Hair is so beautiful all the textures and" types".We get so caught up on our natural hair texture that we forget about keeping it healthy. By manipulating our curl pattern and adding different products we are actually risking damaging our hair. We have to learn to leave our hair alone and let it be. To maintain length you must condition and trim ends. This should all be done by a professional. I am still on this journey and waiting patiently for that long curly Angela Davis fro. Feel free to share your story below or ask questions. Reference 


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