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How To Go After Your Dream And Succeed

How to go after your dream and succeed By Jenna the cosmetologist One thing that I have learned is that dreams are just that if you do not put any actions behind it. I am a firm believer that anyone in any space can achieve their dreams. Whatever your dreams are just set goals to achieve them. Yes I said Goals. I have had a lot of people that have come across my path that would love to do what I do. That's fine but you have to ask yourself one question. That question is "are you willing to do the work to get there?" I started out by being a student in hair school just like a lot of hairstylist. I was the oldest in my class and I had long locs. I stood out like a sore thumb. People judged me because I was natural. I did not let them stop me. I learned everything I could. Not only did I learn, but I applied it. I always sought out information. Even from people who did not like me, I used as my teachers. Just know that all things that happens to you are lessons. It is up to you to take those lessons and grow from them. If you want something, first and foremost you need a good support system. This support system could be family or friends but in my opinion it may not. Let me elaborate on that. Unless people share the same goals as you they may not be the best support because they don't understand the steps to get there. I myself surrounded myself around business owners and successful hair stylists. I literally took the bad that I was seeing and the Good and parleyed that into my business plan.
Another thing that you must do is work under someone who is doing the same thing. So if you want to own a Hair Salon you must work in one that is not your own to learn the ins and outs of the business. No one can be successful without education and practice. You must also save your money that you are making from your current situation. Building a business is a bit rough in the beginning. What makes it worse is not having funds to get you through the slow times. Last but not least is have heart. Anything that is done has to have passion behind it. Life without passion is dead. Please know that all things are possible through the lord who strengthens you. Also know that Faith without works is dead. This means that dreams are nothing without you making the effort to make them happen. I hope that this helps you and great success to you and your ventures.


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