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How To Grow Long, Natural And Healthy Hair

How to grow your hair out naturally Long By jenna the cosmetologist I have received a lot of questions on how to grow hair long while it is in its natural state. I also have been asked on how to get the hairline to grow back from being damaged. To both of these questions to me is simple to answer. The simplicity comes from the fact that I know that hair growth is an internal science. By this I mean that hair grows when the body is healthy and free from a lot of toxins. Toxins comes from the food we eat and don't eat. Healthy fruits and vegetables helps the body to rid itself from a lot of free toxins just roaming through our body. Once you correct this common problem you will see a lot of changes. Remember that hair, skin and nails are apart of one system. It is called the integumentary system. This system regulates healthy or non healthy growth of these three things that we as women love to have beautified. One thing that feeds this system is filtered water and vitamins. We get vitamins from what we ingest, meaning eat. The more we eat leafy greens and healthy fruit the more we will be healthy.
Women with long nails naturally, usually have great circulation. If you start to exercise and eat healthy you will start to see your hair grow out healthy due to the fact that your hair follicles are receiving blood. Circulation is very important because the vitamins that we take in from food and supplements can get to the places that we want them to go. It is not just about length of hair but it is about how strong that it grows out. If your hair is thick no matter what length it is it may be more stronger than long thin hair. The hair roughly grows a half an inch a month. However it can grow more or less depending on your life choices. We have to start embracing our hair and loving our hair to keep it strong and healthy. No matter what your hair choices may be, know that it can be healthy. Once you deal with the internal problem, outwardly you should see great results.


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