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Who Really Has The Power?

Who really has the POWER? By Jenna Frazier So I had to write this because I feel that things are repeating because we are not dealing with the realities. There is a theme that is going on where our Black men are being targeted and killed. I'm not writing this to bash any one organization or group of people. The main problem that I see is the lack of respect of our differences. What gives anyone the right to hurt someone because of the color of their skin? We need to respect one another. I myself may have different feeling or opinions on things but it does not give me the right to hurt anyone. We as people have to teach respect from the time that our children learns how to talk. Respect and Love are the two things that would prevent and alleviate all of these injustices that are happening. I find that theses people who are killing, are hurt people. They also do not have respect for themselves or life period. This happens because I feel that they were not taught how to deal with their feelings or anger. All of these murders stems from anger and disrespect. Its not just guns, but the people who get the guns. These people have displacement of Anger. This means that instead of dealing with the issues that they have they just blame others. This is the problem today.
We have the power to control our anger. We have to understand that we have the right to feel what we want, however we don't have the right to express that on anyone. I feel that these police have a lot of displacement of anger. There needs to be more tests and the entry to becoming a police should be more extensive. There are a lot of police that comes into the force with problems that are already programmed. It is not all of the police. There are a lot of police that do not abuse there authority. The ones that do abuse their authority should be handled accordingly. I feel that if you have enough gumption to hurt or kill someone with no cause, than you should be able to be dealt with accordingly. The first step that we need to do as African Americans is to start to respect one another. I feel that with all of the crimes that are happening within our own communities gives ammunition for others to not respect us. We need to realize that we have to be clean in all things we do. We have to be the best at what we do. We have it super hard because we cant seem to get respect from anyone including ourselves. We need to start to teach our young men to start conducting themselves better. Start being more educated and respectful. They need to start wearing their pants correctly and not giving people reasons to prejudge them. This is so unfortunate that we have to be so conscious on everything, but we want our black men to live. Please teach your sons to be compliant and to not argue back with the police. Some will say that it would happen regardless but I'm going to say to stay compliant and above all else to try not to get in trouble where you have to be confronted. Now some things are inevitable and with that I am going to say to use common sense. Know that we have more power than we think. Lets use our minds instead of anger or even fear to deal with things. This is for everyone meaning those in power and us who depends on those who are in power. Power means strength to know the difference between solving problems and making them. I hope that we all can learn to love and respect our differences.


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