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How To Keep My Color Treated Natural Hair Healthy

Keeping your hair healthy while color treated. By Jenna Frazier Deciding to go natural may be one of the most important decisions that you decide to make. It is full of fun and surprises. Before you go natural you should be ready to learn a whole lot of things that you did not know before when it concerns your hair. There are so many things that you can do with your hair during this time. A lot of women who decides to go natural also decide to spice up their new hair with color. When you decide to color your hair please go to a professional. I have seen a lot of botched home jobs that come into me to correct the problem. It is best to go in for a consultation with a reputable stylist to discuss the color that you would like to achieve. This is a team effort and you should never make this decision alone. I have realized that many of my clients always like to go to blonde. While this is an awesome and exciting color, you should know that this color requires a lot of maintenance to avoid breakage and damage to the hair. With this color you have to make sure that you treat it at least twice a month. You have to make sure that you keep up on the sweeping of your hair as well. This means a light trim so your hair can maintain a shape to it. Blonde hair shows a lot of dryness and fizziness if not maintained correctly.Reds browns and other warm colors also needs a lot of maintenance as well.
Make sure that you are going to a hairstylist that is licensed and has plenty knowledge of natural hair. Natural hair takes a little more time to process because it is more resistant. The stylist has to know about different levels, developers and time management. Color is for professional use only. The color that we use is formulated for professionals and the color is not as harsh as store bought. We go to school for hundreds of hours and get certified to make sure that we color your hair to maintain the integrity of it. Another tip is to only color your hair four times a year if need be. This means every 3 months. You should never color your hair more than that because it will dry out your hair tremendously. It will also compromise your natural curl pattern. Color is a great accessory to your natural hair. With a knowledgeable stylist this process should be awesome and your hair should remain healthy.


Patsy Waller
(Mon, Apr 04, 2016)

I had a dark tint in my relaxed hair and decided that I wanted the blond back, so I stripped my hair and added a blond dye waited a week and relaxed it, my hair

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