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Coloring Your Natural Hair

Coloring your natural hair When you get that inkling to jazz up your hair with color, highlights or even go darker there're some things your should consider like risk that might occur if you decide to do it yourself
1.Change in curl pattern-Whenever you alter or manipulate the hair's protein bonding arrangement a slight relaxing effect can occur. These curl pattern changes are less likely to occur in coarse hair textures (coarse refers to the diameter of the hair fiber, not the feel of the fiber), and are more likely to occur in those with fine to medium hair textures. 2.Change in hair porosity- Products that lighten the hair always require direct access to the hair's cortical layers. When the hair's cuticle is breached in this manner, the hair's natural porosity increases leading to a dryness that hardly ever lets up. When porosity increases, dryness becomes a major complaint because moisture is next to impossible to hold securely within the fiber. 3. The bad color results- Color is very unpredictable and all the swatches, box comparisons and focus groups in the world can't prepare you for the end result you will be able to expect. Why? Because color uptake is dependent on a number of factors- namely your hair's current color, porosity and texture (strand size). At best, the hair color on the box is just the product manufacturer's best corporate guess at what your hair will look like. It is always best to have an experienced professional take color more than three shades out of your natural color range. Chances are, they've seen numerous heads with textures like yours and varying degrees of porosity-plus they have the added bonus of experiences with various colors and looks to bring to the table. (Leave comments and questions below)... Reference 


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