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Being A Product Junkie.

ARE YOU A Product Junkie Most naturals have 3a-4c type and don't know what products work for their hair. So we go and buy every product on the shelves hoping to find something that works. Depending on your hair type the product might be to heavy or not enough. For example, Type 3 curlies are well defined springy curls that can maintain moisture and need frizz control. While type 4 curlies are tightly coiled hair packed together prone to shrinkage with less curl definition and does not maintain moisture well. You don't need a million products to maintain healthy hair.
Products for hair types 3a-b: sulfate free cleansers, hydrating leave in, curl definer to control frizz and deep condition 3c: moisturizing cleanser,rich & nourishing conditioner, creams, butters, oils and hair milk 4a: co washing with cleansing conditioner that will restore moisture without stripping hair, deep condition once a week, moisturize daily 4b: heavy creamy cleanser, detangle w/conditioner with lots of slip, seal moisture w/hair milk, butters, deep condition once a week with heat 4c: limit cleansing to heavy cowash, butters to seal, heavy creams and puddings, deep condition every three days Reference 


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