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Natural Kiddies

Natural kiddies❤️ by curlyrebel As children we dreaded that awful day when mom pulled out the bucket of ballies & barrettes along with the comb, brush and a hot cup of water. And let's not forget about the hot comb and wash days. I still have nightmares about getting my ears burned *ouch󾰬. When our hair became too much maintenance we got relaxers. I want to give some insight and tips on how to make it easier for you and your little curlies and to teach them to embrace being natural. 1.MOISTURE- I know we get tired of hearing that word but that's the number one rule when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. Use water based moisturizers to keep the hair soft along with light oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, and raw Shea butter to seal in moisture. To make it fun make up a song for wash day to get them excited!
2. DETANGLING- Detangling dry hair is a No No! Make sure the hair is wet with plenty conditioner, the hair should look white if not add more. Section hair and small sections and use a wide tooth comb, while holding the base of the hair start at ends and work your way up. Be PATIENT rushing will cause breakage and pain for your curlies. They will start to dislike getting their hair detangled. To make them comfortable put on their favorite show or movie to distract them. 3.WASH DAY- Most curlies don't like when water gets in their eyes. My suggestion is to use a small chair (kiddie chair) place it in the shower let them put on a bathing suit. Use a large cup to rinse and wash their hair will they sit in the chair with their heads tilted back. Goggle will make it more fun and avoid getting water in their eyes. Also making up a song will get your curlies to look forward to wash days!


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