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Learning How To Free Yourself Through Your Hair

Express yourself through style Jenna Frazier Your hair is an accessory of expression. I learned this once I went natural. I realized that choosing to go natural was one of the best decisions that I have made. When I wore relaxer I never could fit in with anyone. I had to always make sure it looked right to everyone else but I was never satisfied. I chose to start letting the relaxer go slowly but surly. So thinking about it now I let relaxer go, back in the late 90's before it was popular, because I simply could not keep that look up. I let my hair be free to grow the way that it was meant to. I would just put some water in it with some grease and it would just curl up. People would ask, how I got my hair that way? I would simply say grease and water. I started falling in love with my texture at that moment.
I now realize that hair is expression. No matter how you choose to wear it. Our hair can be transformed. There is never a dull moment. When I was in my late teens early twenties I would just do whatever I felt with my hair. I would grow my hair out than cut it off depending on how I felt. I would color it and just continuously play in my hair. I never took my hair seriously. I was free with my choices. We need to realize that our hairstyles are an extension of us. Some people will try to figure you out just based on your hairstyle. This is the effect that hair has on society. I mean let's break this down. If you see someone with short hair and pink, this person would be assumed to be a rocker. If you see a woman with locs, this person would be looked at as earthy. If you see a lady with a low cut, this person would be looked at as a Tom boy. This proves that hair is very important in our society. With that being said no matter what hairstyle that you choose to display, make sure that it is for you and that you are happy with it. I see women being pressured to continue to wear relaxer because their friends may be relaxed. Also their friends may say that they could never go natural. Base your decisions on how you feel. It's just like naturals may pressure relaxer queens to go natural. Going natural or staying relaxed should be a personal decision. One should never be pressured to do either. We have to be strong to stand on our decisions of hairstyles. We need to stop disliking things that are different. I get crazy looks daily by women who don't understand my style. I don't care because my hair is just that "MY HAIR". I had to learn to be proud of my hair and represent. Even if I'm the only one with locs in the room. It was a time when I was not that strong. I cut my hair to belong at one time and it was after that cut that I felt even more awkward. So I say to you be proud of your hair. If you aren't no one else will be. Love starts with self. Be strong and rep your hair.


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