Crochet Braids The New Hype

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Crochet Braids The New Hype

Crochet braids Pros & Cons: By Curlyrebel Crochet braids are the new hype this year when it comes to a natural looking protective style. Below are some pros and cons, feel free to leave comments or quest below. Pros: - Inexpensive (most use 3-4 packs starting at 5.99 a pack). - Quick (take about 1-2 hours to install and pre curling is ideal) - Great for TWA's to get an idea of how they will look once they reach their desired stage - Natural looking (this style can very much pass as your own hair)
Cons: - Hair sheds a little which is to be expected (even the most expensive hair sheds) - Curls (if your decided to use perm rods) might need touching up by re-rodding and dipping the hair. - Hair knots and frizzes easily (best to invest in a good Marley brand) -knots are visible if braid pattern done incorrectly (try knot less method) *Attempting this style on your own might not be ideal its best to have a stylist install this protective style for a more natural. Incorrect install will cause a hard time uninstalling and breakage.


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