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Reasons To Not Relax Your Childs Hair

Reason not to relax your child's hair By Curly Rebel What do you do when your little ones hair becomes too much to handle?... The last thing you should do is relax your child's hair. Especially if your child is under 13, even after that age they are not a necessity. Let's talk about "kiddie relaxer" or regular relaxers are just that relaxers. A harsh chemical that straightens the hair by "relaxing" the natural curl. Just because the relaxer doesn't contain lye down make it any safer for your child's health and hair.
* I hear a lot of women blaming their damaged broken off hair and edges due to a relaxer they received as a child. That goes to show your the damages from relaxing your child's precious hair can become permanent damaged well into adulthood. Relaxing your child's hair comes with certain risked that could be avoided by researching options on how to care for your child's hair. Waiting until your child is old enough to decide for herself and explain the risk. And how natural hair is so versatile, having the option to press your hair or rock your natural curls. Also, Relaxers takes years to grow out. So with that being said consider your options. Research or find a local natural hair care salon to help care for your child's hair. (Leave questions or comments below) P.s We do reply so don't be scared to ask questions smile emoticon


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