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Make Your Hair Something To Talk About

My hair is my Crown and Glory By Jenna Frazier When I go out I want people to look at my hair like a piece of art. Hair is a form of expression. This means that however you choose to wear your hair will represent how you are feeling and what place you are, in life. I remember when I was in high school I had one main hairstyle that I wore. It was a bun with my own hair and a part down the middle. It was my only hairstyle and it got to the point that I was known for that bun with the part down the middle. It didn't get to me until one girl said to me that I needed to get my hair done. That sparked me to start having more involvement in how I wore my hair. I started experimenting with weaves, braids, and the flyest hairstyles that was in style back in the 90's. When Monday morning came in I couldn't wait to show off what my hairstylist had done for me. I began to know that my hair was a piece of art. It was not just something that was on my head that didn't deserve any attention.
It really bothers me now to see women with hair that is un kept. What I mean is that I don't like to see women's and men's hair that is not done. When your hair is done it just makes you feel and look so much better. I just recently worked with a lady who had locs and she hadn't gone to get her hair done professionally ever. She was trying to maintain her locs herself. When she came into me I internally gasped. I could not believe that she allowed her hair to get so unmanageable. Well one thing about a hairstylist is that we are blessed to be able to transform people in about two hours. That is exactly what I did. She was so happy and elated that I had done her hair the way that I did. She had a whole different swag to her. It was a sight to see and the feeling that I had was priceless. This proves that our hair carries a lot of weight with it. Please know that when you walk into a room, your hair is the first thing people notice. Make sure its something wonderful and unique. Your hair is your crown an glory. Wear it well and with pride.


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