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To Have Healthy Natural Hair You Must Live Naturally

Natural Hair equals Natural Living by Jenna Frazier I get a lot of questions from women on how to grow their hair out more voluminous and healthy. I had one lady ask me if there was a pill that she could take to help her hair grow. The answer is no. You cannot just rely on a pill to bring hair back or make it grow out healthy. I would love to say that its one thing that you can do to bring your hair back healthy but its not. If you truly want healthy hair you have to rectify the way you are living.
One thing that you have to realize is that everything that you put in your body comes out on your hair. If you smoke, drink or even take medication, these chemicals all comes out on your hair. When you take medication, especially high blood pressure and diabetes medicine: these two effects the way the hair grows out. I have a lot of clients that are on these medications. I make sure that they do not have chemicals administered to their hair. When you smoke this is another thing that is causing hair to be damaged. Look up all of the toxins that are in cigarettes and you will see why the hair is greatly compromised when you smoke them. When going natural you must change the way we eat and think. Remember that everything that we put in our bodies comes out on our hair. Be mindful of the types of foods you eat. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise. Once you start doing this you will see a huge difference on how things are going when it comes to your hair.


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