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Reasons To Be A Hairstylist

Reasons to be a Hairstylist By Jenna Frazier You may have heard it called hairdressing, hair design, cosmetology or various other terms. Whatever the title, I love it. I love being a hairdresser. I always have. I have always thought that the hair profession is one of the best jobs anyone could have. This is my top ten list for being a hair care professional. 1.Do you love people? Those who come in to the salon to get their hair done are generally in a great mood. They may be attending an exciting event such as a party, a prom or wedding. They are pampering themselves and are looking forward to feeling beautiful when they leave. I get to be the one who makes them feel good about being themselves. 2.Do you really love people? I see my clients in all phases of life. I see the happy and the sad moments. When they are going through tough times, I am there with a hug, being supportive and encouraging. 3.Do you love being with people. My co-workers are fun to be with. There is always happy chatter and friendly banter in a salon.
4.Do you love clothes? I get to wear my favorite clothes. I can wear dressy clothes or casual. My attire can be flamboyant or conservative depending upon my current mood. I like to dress in fun clothes. There is seldom a uniform involved in hairdressing. Sometimes, in very stylish salons, you must wear all black but that can be very dramatic too. 5.Do you love freedom? I can work the schedule that I choose. Once a hairdresser builds a clientele, she or he can set their own hours. During the parenting years, a hairdresser can work when the children are in school or on weekends when the other parent is available. During the later years of life, an older hairdresser can choose not to work late evenings or Saturdays. 6.Do you love being in control of your future? I control my own income. If I want more money, I can work more hours, suggest more retail products or suggest more services such as highlighting or other hair color services. 7.Do you love new hairstyles? I get to be among the first to see everything that is new and exciting in fashion. My coworkers can cut and color my hair because they understand what I want. 8.Do you love being creative? My work lets me exercise my artistic side. I get to create the perfect hair style and hair color to fit my client's face shape, skin tones, lifestyle and personality. 9.Do you love learning new things? Professional education is fun. Seminars are almost always very lively and entertaining and never boring. I started my career with about one year of training and have continued it with numerous seminars every year. I have enjoyed every one. 10.Do you love feeling healthy? Hairdressing is an active profession. I am on my feet and hustling around the salon constantly all day long. No spreading hips for me!


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