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Grow Your Edges Back Fast

5 Tips on how to regrow the edges of your hair (edges gone wild!) Do you know that I can easily tell the health of your hair, just by looking at your edges? Many of my friends are relaxed, and I can tell someone who has been abusing their hair with relaxers or extensions by observing their edges. Many people think their hair is at its optimum state because it seems healthy, but many times I beg to differ because their edges are 'just okay'. I use this term because it is obvious that their edges is not as full as God actually created them to be. Some people have very delicate edges, and they have to be careful. As for me, I have one of the fullest but most delicate edges ever, as I always mention on this blog. Any slight mishandling, my edges are gone. This is also due to the fact that the hair around my edges is baby hair, and can't stand stress. But the upside to mine is that my edges are very forgiving. After some mishandling and loss of edges, it's always quick to grow back, and fast at that. The thing is many people's edges are not as forgiving, so ease on those tight extensions, and have mercy on your edges. And please, before you blame your lack of hair
around your edges on genes, please, check your baby and childhood pictures. If you had healthy edges then, it means genes are not your problem, but lack of proper hair care. But if you are like 60 years old, maybe we can pardon you. Even then, if the old women in this post have great edges, what is your excuse? 1. Don't use extensions and weaves every waking moment you have. Let your hair breathe. Give your hair a break! 2. If you use extensions, don't pick the hair on your edges tiny, neither should it be tight. If the hair stylist doesn't listen to you, stand up and walk away. If you don't, then your hair will walk away from your edges. Which would you prefer? 3. If you have lost a lot of hair on your edges, try not to use extension at all for the next 6 months, then mix castor oil and coconut oil, and regularly massage the area you are trying to regrow. We sell both oils 4. life butter cream, which we manufacture especially for this problem. Many people have testified to its wonders, trust me. 5. Ease on caps, hats, elastic headgears and turbans that rub harshly around your edges. If you must use this regularly, consider putting on a plastic cap first, before putting it on.  Reference Reference


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