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Crochet Weave Tutorial

What the hell are crochet braids? I am glad you asked. As the name suggests, crochet braids are hair extensions that are literally crocheted into your own hair (braided into cornrows) with a latch hook tool. This type of hairstyle has been popular in the black hair community since the '90s. But today's version is done more creatively--from the type of hair used to installation techniques to styling. Crochet Braid Pros The application process is far quicker than that of a traditional sew-in, box braids, or even twists. There is a minimal stress to your scalp because all you're doing is looping on synthetic hair onto your already braided hair--no pressure or pulling required, which makes this a great protective style. It looks unbelievably realistic. Like, "I grew this since I was a baby" realistic. DIRECTIONS 3 packs of braiding hair of your choice. For Sarah, we went with a synthetic deep twist pattern 1 Latch Hook 1 pair of scissors (if you choose to cut length) STEP 1: Braid pattern
The braid pattern is equally important as the installation of the hair. The way you braid your hair will determine how the style will fall. For Sarah, we braided her hair into cornrows, which is the best foundation for crochet braids to lie on. But since she wanted a side part, we laid her braids as such, a swooping diagonal at the front of her head for the side-parting effect she was looking for. The back of her head was braided vertically. She has about 12 cornrows in her hair. NOTE: Make sure that the braids aren't too thick, big, or bulky and that they lay flat. The flatter they lay, the more natural the hairstyle will look. STEP 2: Braiding hair Straight out of the packaging, this hair is about 22 inches. In order to obtain a more realistic length, as well as some volume, I folded the hair in half and cut it with a pair of scissors. To learn more visit the youtube channel above.  Reference Reference


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