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Healthy Ways To Color Your Hair

Always go to a professional for COLOR By Jenna So summer is coming up and color is one of the main ingredients to a new look. One thing that needs to be done is a consultation. Color is not just a cute look. When considering color you have to be mindful that this is a serious chemical change that you are doing. This is why you should not be doing your own color. When getting a permanent color, you are changing the makeup of the strand of your hair.
I know that you can buy box colors in the store, but if you actually read the instructions it says "For professional use ONLY" This is to cover the manufacturer just in case you break out in hives or have a deadly reaction to the color. Yes the colors are awesome but there are chemicals in the color that you may not know about. This is why you are supposed to get a patch test before any color service. A professional will know this. See, our license requires us to know about the patch test and the time it takes for you to show an allergic reaction. Another thing is that a professional knows how to prep the hair before the service so the hair will not break off. The professional cosmetologist will help you look good as well as maintain your hair. So this summer take a trip to the Hair Salon and get your color!!


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