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Client Rants #001

Client Rants By Gems Natural Hair Care salon and Living These are some rants that we have collected from our awesome followers. There names have been removed to respect their privacy. I agree with a lot of their concerns, however I feel that communication could solve most of these problems that both the stylist and client are having. I hope that these help to improve the client and stylist relationship. -I'm in LA and out here in Cali, the salon prices can be very high. I'm a braid designer so For Me, I'm typically braiding my own hair. But if I want to switch up the style, I actually prefer not to be in a salon. Not just of the prices but also because I like having privacy when my hair is getting done and having the one on one conversations with the person that's doing my hair. I'm not a chicken head (lol) but just like many others, I can be a little self conscious about being around a grip of people and my hair is not done. -I'm from a small town in NC. Around here, they are either begging to relax your hair or press it out with which they use too much grease. There are no Natural Hair Care Salons here. The closest ones are in Charlotte, The Traid, The Triangle, Fayetteville, Wilmington, and wherever else. I would love to open one here in my county but ppl here are too cheap yet at the same time quick to donate to Shuqueetah's nickel bag fund when she quick weaves or braids their hair. Anyway! I barely go to the salon cause 9 times out of 10, I can do waaaayy better! And a lot of them don't even have any CE hours! I went to cosmetology school and yes I need to finish but I have noticed that the focus is on style and time instead of care and maintenance. No one gives consultation nor proper hair and scalp analysis. I think there should be an extensive course on the proper care and maintenance of Natural Hair. I do mean more than just braiding extensions or weaving. Protective Styles are only a small part of it. You would still need to learn about chemicals since coloring would be involved as well as to how to care for transitioning hair. The option would be not to use them. Am I asking for too much? --I don't like the ridiculously long wait times. Im there before my appointment time I have to wait. I'm done with the wash I wait to get under the dryer. My hair is dry I have to wait to get in the styling chair. Not considerate of my time at all but I've just paid you for yours. -- since we're ranting, might I add when u ask for a trim, they go scissor happy and cut all your hair off. -- Well, I currently live in El Paso, TX (Mexico). There are only a handful of black people and I don't trust them to do my hair like I want it and I'm very passive. So if I don't like it, I won't say anything and never come back. Plus a lot of hair stylists these days only do it for the money, they don't put any love into doing your hair... or they do yur hair how they want and not how you want or asked.
--No natural hair salons in my area and the braid shops are not kept clean , many shops are too slow 3-6 waiting after shampoo. --I'm in jersey and would love to go to a natural salon. I have like a " spotty Alopecia Areata".... I've had every style prior to just keeping it low but I would love to just go and have my scalp taken care of but it quite expensive and I don't want to spend the whole day in a salon so I just go to the natural sites and do my own. My sentiments are the same as these ladies above...Going to the salon should be a joy and a relaxing experience b/c as women our hair is important. i want to know that my stylist understands me and my hair needs and not afraid to change it up. --you go to a salon and theyre late or eating lunch and talking on the phone. I walk right out of there. I dont pay people to disrespect me. --I am use to my mother a licensed cosmetologist of 25 years, now an instructor or cosmetology doing my hair and only her except for braids, and finding someone in the area that isn't about simply styling but treating and promoting healthy hair is hard now that I live over 8 hrs away.believe me when I say my hair is suffering in the worst way, but through my mom and many blogs I'm learning pointers on getting it back on track! -- I'm from Detroit n I love the shop I go ready for the wait yearning the conversations n can't wait to c if the food lady coming in with some monkey bread only gripe I have is that I can't light up some reefer. --It's usually a part time job (4-5 hours of unpaid labor) for me, which I consider to be very unprofessional and unproductive with my time! Most stylist over book because they need to make a certain amount of money and never consider their clients time is extremely valuable. These are just a few of the responses that we have from our followers. What are your opinions on how they feel?


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