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Help Me With My Natural Hair!!

Help me with My Natural Hair!! by Gems Natural Hair Care and living Community Natural Hair Can really be a difficult thing to deal with. The questions that we get on a daily basis deserves space on this blog. I want people to know that a lot of naturals are experiencing some of the same issues. New Naturals are thinking that they are the only ones that are dealing with things like dryness, shrinkage, lack of variety and etc. This could not be further from the truth. The main thing that you have to remember is that all textures are beautiful but they are not the same. Different products does different things to each texture. So as much as I would like to say that there is a one answer for all, There simply is not. Next are some questions from the community that I have gathered some answers for. I hope one of these questions can help you. --Finding a good stylist that's not interested in killing my hair with chemicals. I've been COMPLETELY chemical free for a little over a year not. I wear wigs ALL the time, but I have no clue what to do with my natural hair......HELP! Answer: the only way to find a good stylist is to not give up. This is what you want you want a stylist that can treat trim and help you with keeping your hair moisturized. Please check out my blog. there are a lot of pointers there to keep your hair healthy.
---Growth what type of products to use and what can I do about thinning sides? Answer: The products that we use in this hair salon are Nairobi products. These products are professional quality and they are formulated for all types of textures. As far for the thinning sides the best thing is to avoid tension at all cost. Do not wear tight hairstyles. Another thing you have to stay away from braids, cornrows and extensions. The best thing is to do this and wait while they grow back. They certainly will if you do this. When they thin, this is the beginning stage of alopecia and this is more permanent. So take heed now. ---Well my hair is thinning in the back keep falling out not all the back just in one spot Answer: This sounds like a metabolic problem. Meaning that it is internal. Medicines and different health conditions will cause your hair to fall out. Please see a physician because it could be something that you are taking and not taking. Another thing is that LUPUS is a cause of hair falling out. please get that checked out. ---My problem is styling, finding the right products without breaking the bank. Answer : I know that everyone is on a budget when it comes to their hair. I myself always works with my clients. I understand that they need there hair done and some change left over. So I suggest that you find a stylist, maybe a new stylist that's looking to build their clientele. They usually are a little bit cheaper than an experienced stylist with a steady book. Remember that you must invest in what you want to grow. So set a budget for hair care. ---My hair problem is shedding....been natural for Abt 5 1/2 6 maybe 7 months now...and since then my hair has grown a lot but it's the shed hair....any time I refresh my wash and go's I have shed hair all over my question for my lil girl who has been natural her whole life she's 3....she has breakage on her nape and her edges as well also have a problem with her side's and her front when wet it's curly like her whole head.....but when it's dry her side's and front looks brittle there's no curl in it what so ever....any tips thanks!! Answer: I see that there is a lot of shedding in both you and your daughters hair. You need a trim and so does your daughter. If you do not get your trims your hair will break off and you will be forced to get more than a trim. This means that you will have to get the big chop. By the way you have to remove all of the relaxer to be classified fully natural. If you have not had the chop than you have been just transitioning. Transitioning is very hard because you have two types of textures in your head. This makes for breakage and dryness. You also need a good treatment.So make your hair appointment at a reputable salon soon to rectify this problem. --- am natural & my hair is very dry. The back of my hair is thick, coily and extremely dry and the top is straight almost and dry. What can I do to prevent breakage, mostly in the back where it's the driest? Answer: Go to a salon for a trim and treatment. You cannot skip this step. I know that it is not easy to find a stylist but the healthiest hair is achieved by having a professional as well as you covering your hair at night and having a healthy diet. Try one of these tips and I promise you that a change will be accomplished. ---Its burned and dry and just cant grow Answer: See a professional Hair stylist I hope that this help you Naturals to get on the road to healthy Hair. Stay Curly!! Reference 


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