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Reasons Why People Choose To Go Natural

Going natural is a huge decision and change in someone's life. I went and asked my community why they decided to go natural and this is what they shared. --It was damaging my hair also and breaking off a lot. That's why I stop using relaxer. I love my natural hair. --My scalp began to be very irritated, my hair would grow at a very slow pace and the texture wouldn't last when a relaxer was used. My scalp was severely paying the price. When I started loving my natural hair. This happened; my hair is almost touching my hips. 16 years ago I stopped relaxing my hair, 16 years later more hair than I could have ever imagined. I would post a pic but I don't see that option. --I am and natural and have been for almost 3 --years now. I didn't do it because it was popular... I did it because I have very fine hair and when it was relaxed it looked very thin. Since I've cut my hair and started my natural journey I am so pleased with how healthy and full my hair has become. I will never go back to the creamy crack! --It was Damaging my hair, making it thin,and irritating my scalp.
--I've always had curls.. And grew up in a predominantly "white" neighborhood.. So I followed the crowd for a while. But I did my big chop about 3 years ago and haven"t relaxed for over a year.. And I'm in love with my curls all over again! Best thing I could have ever done for myself. --Chemicals were damaging my daughter's hair, so I convinced her to go natural to get her hair healthy! I went natural 1st, because I went thru chemo, & lost all my hair. It grew back really nice, so I kept it for awhile, then decided to go back to chemicals, cause it was so curly, I couldn't do much with it! But the relaxer didn't feel the same anymore. Or I didn't feel the same about it, so I grew the new growth for a few months, then cut my hair... --My daughter (3 yrs) has my curls, and very early on I noticed that she complimented my hair when it was curly (whether it was mine or not). I want her to continue to appreciate her curls, so I big chopped last weekend. --Chemicals break the hair, thins the edges...God made us natural for a reason. When your natural you can have a full head of healthy beautiful hair. Any un-natural process causes damage, sometimes irreversible. --I had severe damage to the side and back of my hair from stress meds and a too tight sew in so I had to cut my hair. I've been natural for a year and a half . I've been wearing braids and sew ins I'm still struggling with being natural but my hair is finer now and I don't want it to fall out again. --I just wanted to know what kind of hair I had. Curly wavy straight thick thin I won't ever relax ny hair again however I can't say that I love having three different textures. --A lot of people have went natural,one thing I've learn since ive been i the hair field,it's no need to get a retouch if you going to wear weave,the 2nd most important thing is that the dye from the weave interact with the chemical in the hair it it eat out the hair follicles, the third most important step is everybody just. can't do relaxer the way it supposed to be done,and the fourth one is you don't suppose to smell a relaxer when giving that particular service if it smell like ammonia it no good or it's old ,when you get color your relaxer changes especially when you dealing with permanent dys.,Ive read a lot of the people post regarding thin hair due to relaxed hair why you cant use a regular relaxer on thin hair again the relaxer changes. --My hair honestly wasn't was limp and breaking off....since going natural my hair is growing fast it's at the length when I big chopped...which is AMAZING considering I've been natural for only 6 1/2 months....I love my hair... --My hair is much healthier and thicker since i've been natural for two years. --I missed my thick hair! I grew up with Natural Hair. Didn't get a relaxer until I was 18. Then it was off and on. I definitely don't miss the burns. I see a lot of us friends' hair thinning and I did NOT want that! I'm glad that my daughters are confident in their Naturals. Thank you so much for sharing your journey of going natural Reference 


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