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Dry Hair By "curlyrebel Skyy"

Does your hair still feel dry and lifeless after you using your "go to" products?...Don't give up on ur products, Hydration levels may be the reason. Let's talk about Hydration and moisture. In the natural hair community moisture is a key component in hair care. Moisture comes from water based products. Oils do not moisturize the hair( with the exception of coconut oil). Moisture prevents breakage and helps length retention. According to the handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology hydrating substances are used in cosmetic products to reduce moisture loss from the product during use and to increase the moisture content in material that is in contact with the product.
Maximum hydration might be your answer. For maximum hydration you need a water based, amino acid,vitamin enriched cleanser. Watery leave in conditioners along with hair milks,butters and oils.


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