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Nappy Is Not A Word To Describe Our Hair

Nappy is not a word to describe our HAIR By jenna So I was asking my community to describe their hair in one word and one of the ladies had described her hair as being that Nappy. Now by no means am I saying that you cannot describe your hair with this word some people don't mind this word but I do. I feel that this word has such a bad connotation and it goes back so far In our history as being negative that I feel that we need to get rid of this word to describe our hair.
Our hair is beautiful and it is wanted by many. We can curl our hair and naturally straighten our hair. There are so many things that we can do. If we don't respect our hair then no one else will. Textured hair is the new thing and it's wonderful embrace it I don't like these words to describe HAIR Nappy Dreads Naps These words are degrading to our beautiful Hair. I feel these words were made to degrade our hair not uplift it. So on this page please don't use those words to describe your hair. We are a page to teach you to Learn to Love your hair and rep it with pride. Even though we were brought up to wear a texture that was not our own Lets learn to Love what God has given us. Who is with me??!!


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