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10 Top Etiquette Tips For Visiting A Hair Salon

10 top etiquette tips for visiting a Hair Salon By Gems Natural Hair Care Salon 1. When making the call to the salon remain respectful and never leed with "How Much" Real Hair stylists have to give you a consultation before giving you a true price. That's why you go to a salon and end up paying more than you thought once the service is done. A price should never be discussed over the phone. 2. Never bring the drama of another stylist or salon to the new salon. Hair stylists are all different and we don't want to hear about your old experience. Lets move on from that and develop this one. 3. When you call or walk in to a salon please have an idea of what you would like. Also have a realistic style and price in mind to achieve. Hair stylists cannot suggest completely a style on the first visit because we don't know you. Confusion will happen when you are confused on what you would like.
4. Please have an open mind when pricing is involved. Yes a price might be agreed upon but things could change depending on the length texture and density of your hair. 5. If you are getting a ride please make sure that you have the money with you. A hair stylist does not want to wait on payment. Once the service is done (we suggest payment is taken up front of course. That's how we do it here at GEMS HAIR CARE) the Hair stylist deserves to get paid. Not having to wait and watch out for when you are going to be paid. Think about it when Friday comes you expect to be paid with no delay. Same here with us. 6. Please don't Bring your children unless being serviced. A hair salon is a relax haven for many women. No one wants to hear a crying baby or see children running around like its a playground. Also if you do bring your children please maintain them. Don't let them sit in the styling chairs and swing in them. The salon is someone's business and they paid for those things if your child breaks something they have to take their hard earned money and replace it. So be mindful of that. 7. Please limit cell phone usage while being serviced. Especially at the shampoo bowl. We don't have the time nor funds to replace a water damaged phone. We also don't want to hear your conversations "Like I'm at the shop girl" A great salon wants the ambiance of you being pampered not the environment like you are at a baseball game. So if you want to communicate to someone please choose to text. 8. Please don't bring food and drinks to the salon. No one at a salon is a maid. we don't want to clean up after your crumbs and clean up your spilled beverages. Another thing is who wants to walk into a salon that smells like fish and chicken. My salon we offer you complimentary drinks and flavored crackers. You just need a snack not a meal to receive our services. 9. When getting dryer services please stop rushing the service. If your hair does not last than you want to blame the stylist. So please allow your hair to Dry completely. 10. Once you find that Great stylist stick with them. No one likes a chair hopper. Having hairstylists is like having a relationship. No one likes a cheater. Using these tips will help you have a long lasting relationship with your Hairstylist and the Salon.


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