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My Hair Is My Crown

My hair is my crown By curly rebel When going back to natural, it shouldn't be a dreadful experience. Every step should be beautiful, as I began my journey I was so amazed at how my hair transformed. Watching my texture sprout and coil up, and spring back into place at the slightest touch was magical. Our hair is so unique, I have so many different textures through out my own head. And I've learned that you can do so much more with having natural hair. A little bit of moisture can revert those curls back after being pressed out straight.
A little twist,Braid or coil can alter and define our curl pattern. Conditioner is like a special potion that makes our hair uber happy. From the first time I chopped my relaxed ends off to the many different stages of my growth I fell more in love with my self. My hair is my crown, my art form, my accessory to my outfit. I no longer hide behind hair extensions or run to the relaxer aisle when my hair becomes untamed. I research and try different styles to rock my natural curls and smile as people stare in awe at my hair! If your feeling a little insecure its natural, many others feel the same way. Reach out to the natural community, find a natural hair stylist to help with your natural hair journey. Don't give up on going back to your natural you!  Reference 


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