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Professional Products Versus Store Bought Products

Shampoo & Conditioner "Store bought VS. Hair Professional" GEMS NATURAL HAIR CARE Is there really a difference between products at the grocery or Walmart and one bought from a professional? At one point, I probably would have agreed with you. There was a time near the start of my career that I thought it wasn't a problem just to use Pantene or Herbal Essence. As my knowledge of the chemicals and ingredients has increased, the need for my clients to be using the right products has as well. I understand that cost is usually the issue as it's not always cheap to use what's best. The example I tend to use the most is, if you are going to dish out $50,000 or more on a vehicle, you are going to spend a little more the oil changes or use the premium fuel, right? It's the same idea to me. If you are going to color your hair you need to pay a little more to maintain it. Honestly, and I believe I speak for most stylists, stop blaming us or the brand of color for it fading. There are so many things that contribute to having beautiful, healthy hair. Shampoo and conditioner are just one them.When you are looking at a specific shampoo, look at the ingredients first. If you are looking at something from the store, the first ingredient is usually water and the last a dye of some sort. As you know, the first ingredient listed is what there is most of in the product and so on until the last is the least amount. You want to look for these ingredients, ammonium laurel sulfate, sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. There are surfactants, their purpose is to create a lather. They can be cleansing agents as well but salon products (if you purchase one that is not sulfate free) are much gentler. I personally would recommend a sulfate free shampoo and you wouldn't have to worry about it. These are the ingredients that contribute to stripping your color. Next on the list is usually a conditioning agent. A professional bought shampoo will contain a higher quality protein based moisturizing agent that enables the conditioner to penetrate deeper and lock in moisture. These quality ingredients increase the cost which is why the store bought products don't use them. The rest of the ingredients are used for color, scent etc. A few are stabilizers and preservatives. The most ingredient you want to look for are the sulfates. The conditioner is important because it has vitamins in it to help strengthen and prevent breakage and splint ends. It has a high acidic pH to promote amino acid development to help the keratin (protein that your hair is made of) bond to the cuticle and create healthy, shiny hair that is full of body. If you have really dry hair, you can always use a leave in conditioner as well.
BUYER BEWARE: There is a reason why hair care products say "Guaranteed, only if purchased from a salon professional." on the bottle.  Many times hair products purchased from a grocery/drug store are old, expired, or have been modified by diluting the product. There has even been law suits regarding these issues. you are over time spending more on cheap products.  Reference 


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