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Support Black Owned Businesses

support black owned businesses By Jenna the senior cosmetologist This is near and dear to me. We must learn to support Black Owned Businesses. It's not easy being in business and pleasing the public and it's certainly harder for me to please my own people. So sad. However I'm learning that I have to press on and give knowlege.
I am seeing that my own people won't only not support me but try to sabotage my business. This saddens me because I am just trying to do what God has placed me on this earth to do and that's to teach. God has given us all gifts and if we just all stop trying to steal someone else's shine and bask in our own more of us will be successful. So say "yes " in the COMMENTS BELOW if you support black owned businesses. If you don't start here so this beautiful page you love can stay in business. ONE TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAS BOUGHT PRODUCTS, LIKE PICS AND SHARED THIS CONTENT FROM THIS PAGE. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Reference 


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