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Good Hair: Is There A Such Thing?

Good Hair: Is there a such thing? By: Gems Natural Hair Care and Living Good Hair is a term that is very popular in the natural hair community. I feel that all hair is good no matter what race you are and what texture. I personally have done hair of so many textures that I honestly feel hair is hair. Your hair is your expression and you have to learn to love and express yourself through it. I did a blog on my Facebook page and a few of my followers chimed in on this subject. I hope that these words from the community helps clarify some things on the term Good Hair. --Yeah I had a potential client tell me that they didn't have good hair like me and I said good hair...what do you mean? That put me in a bind because I feel that my hair comes from my parents I can't help that. I have learned to love my hair and express myself through my hair. That's why I have made this page to show that your hair is just that your hair luv it no matter what texture it is.
--Good hair is hair that's healthy and grows! --I love this page. I'm always sharing your pictures. I'm glad to see more and more sistas embrace their hair. My hair is my crown . I wear it like the queen that I am. --I've started to realize that using that term about my own hair is negative so I no longer use it. But I've been told from a child I didn't have "good hair". I'm still learning to embrace my natural hair. It's been 2.5 years and I have my moments. --Good hair to me is any hair that grows. It's all good at doing something. Be it being versatile, strong, thick,kinky, curly, straight, whatever. --I'm quite the opposite! I was told all my life that I had "good hair" because I could lay my edges down with water and grease! If they only knew the struggle! My hair is super thick, fine strands that curls and coils with incredible shrinkage or drawed up in old school terms. I've had ppl to tell me I need to thin my hair out. I didn't realize that they were secretly envious. I've had women with silkier textures, the ones that is really looked upon as "good hair" tell me they wish they had hair like mine. That all they can do with their hair is just put it in a bun. So, I got it from both sides. But I was taught in school that hair is hair. You just have to do some minor adjustments. I'm teaching my girls the same. #ChangeYourMindset! --There's no denying a lot of us have used that term somewhere in our lives & I admit I have. It use to be the the nice pretty silky easy to manage hair type. The very straight or European type hair (mix race people). But it took me to get in my 40's to be able to love myself in its natural state. For me my hair was permed at a young age & I was lead to believe that would give me pretty & good hair but my hair is pretty now with all my kinks & curls. I didn't even know I didn't love my real self -- People think that if you have two different races of parents that you automatically come out with good hair not true. my sisters and I all came out with different hair even though we have Asian background and wear black we've always been taught that we are black we are no different than the next black woman so there is no such thing as good hair. Remember THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD HAIR. Just having hair is good. Love the hair that you were blessed with. Reference 


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