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Dirty Hair Is Nasty!!....or Is It?

Does your hair grow better when Dirty? Well this is a common question that I have received by many of my clients. Due to the fact that hair is my business I'm going to say clean hair and scalp promotes healthy growth of hair. I'm a spiritual girl and I'm going to say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Nothing grows well out of dirty environments especially hair. Not to get too technical but the dirt and oil that lays on your scalp will cover the pores and not allow healthy hair to peek or grow through. I asked the gems community and they chimed in on this very popular subject. This is what they had to say.
Blog topic of the day: "Does dirt make your hair grow"... Too many people aren't washing their hair because they think dirty hair grows faster. Comment Below --I don't think it makes my hair grow it clogs my scalp and breaks off my hair I say wash and condition and I moisturize with coconut oil and milk.! Keeping your hair and scalp clean will make it grow and keep it healthy. --It doesn't make my hair grow... If I don't style my hair or constantly brush and comb it for a week or two my hair grows. --No it actually clogs pours when u keep it clean it grows.. --Co washing and finger detangling helps my hair grow. The less you use a comb the better for hair growth for my hair. --Me Personally my hair grows faster when its dirty. --No... Makes my face break out and my scalp itch..yuck --Depends on the person. In all natural hair growth is based on genetics I believe. Along with how healthy you are and whether or not you're stressed. So I feel that you need to always thoroughly clean your scalp at all times. Not shampooing hair leads to breakage dryness and just down right your hair stinking. That's not HOT. Make that trip to the salon today or buy salon grade products and do your hair right.  Reference Reference


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