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Respect Goes A Long Way.

respect goes a long way By jenna the senior cosmetologist So I got my nails done today and I started a conversation with my nail tech. I asked her how she deals with rude people.she simply said that she tries to remain professional. she also said that a lot of her customers who are rude to her happen to be African American women. I told her that we're not all like that, not by saying it but how I treated her. She loved the way I treated her because I treated her with respect. Its not because I am in the field of beauty but it's because I know that respect goes a long way. SEE I have home training. I know that I can not talk to anybody any kind of way and expect a great service. Respect is something that is earned not given. This simply means that if you go around not respecting people they're not going to respect you. Just because someone is doing a service for you does not give you the right to talk to them any kind of way. I myself will not even deal with disrespect you wouldn't even get serviced. I work with integrity with everything I do and I've had a lot of broke days because everybody who came across my path were disrespectful so I just did not make any money. this is why I asked her how do I deal with rude people. Basically you have to remember that you must treat people the way that you would like to be treated. I am visiting and I'm not going to be a regular of hers but when I left her chair she really wanted me to come back. that really made me feel good because I felt that I made a change in the way she felt about the women of my culture. I have noticed that a lot of us African American women are angry all of the time. I go and support many businesses and I do many things and there have been so many people wgo have told me that they do not like working with African American people because of the lack of respect and the anger that we show. We have to stop this from being a part of our culture. I am now realizing why we seem to not be as successful as other groups of people.
I do hair and my own people treat me horribly so I really do understand where the lady is coming from. Now I'm not talking about all of us because obviously we're not all like that but she told me 80 percent of her clients are African Americans and they all put her through such grief. This has got to change. you have to have respect for people who are doing services for you I myself I get my nails done very often every time I sit down in the chair I want to be that breath of fresh air. Learn to be a conscious consumer and know that every time you get a service done whether it be your hair nails or at a restaurant you can make a difference in a positive or a negative way Let's be positive Reference Reference


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