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Taking Care Of Your Hair During Your Summer Vacay

Taking care of your hair during your summer vacay By curlyrebell It's the time of the year we have all been waiting for...SUMMERTIME! With the summer comes hot, humid weather and vacation! If you're a lazy natural like me, you don't want to have the struggle of dealing with your hair through out the trip. And it's costly to travel with products by the truck load, when traveling by plane. Below are some tips to help you deal with your natural hair so you can enjoy your vaca. ☺️ 1.Cleanse and deep condition hair before your trip to avoid having to do so mid trip. 2.Chose a protective style that require low to no manipulation.
3. If you plan to swim be sure to wet your hair before swimming Because your hair is like a sponge, it will absorb less chlorine/water when it's wet. Apply a little conditioner to your wet hair and put on a latex or silicone swim cap. After swimming rinse your hair right away–even if you can't shampoo. After rinsing, moisturize and style. Remember to shampoo as soon as you get the opportunity. 4. Did you know that you also have to protect your curls from the sun? Use hair products that contain SPF– and or UV protection and use as a finishing mist. 5. Hats protect your hair and face from the sun. Fedoras, wide brimmed hats are a trendy way to protect you from the beaming sun and UV rays.  Reference Reference


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