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Professional Color Is The Best Way To Go

Professional color VS BOX COLOR BY GEMS NATURAL HAIR CARE VIA JENNA THE COSMETOLOGIST "The reasons to trust a professional colorist are infinite! Becoming a certified haircolorist is no piece of cake! The pass rate is less than 20%, and some of the most seasoned stylists have attempted certification 4-5 times...and still don't pass. I have quite a few clients who come see me monthly and are willing to pay top dollar for a haircut but won't pay for professional haircolor. You're too scared to let an entry-level stylist give you a haircut, but you trust yourself (a non-professional) to make decisions on chemically altering your hair? If you're one of those people consider $40 for a great haircut then fry it off with an $8 box of color." (Reference- Confessions Of A Cosmetologist) It is always best to have an experienced professional colorist take color more than three shades out of your natural color range. Chances are, they've seen numerous heads with textures like yours and varying degrees of porosity-plus they have the added bonus of experiences with various colors and looks to bring to the table.
Here are some factors your should consider: 1. Hair color must be customized for each person. 2. Box color is made so that it can be potentionally alter a wide range of hair types & shades with no guarantees. 3. Do you know what a Demi,semi & permanent really means? 4. The outcome of s box color is usually an unwanted new haircut. 5. Your not going to look like the girl on the box, chances are she didn't use box color. 6. Even if you're using a brush (or trying)... you can't see what we can see. If the color overlaps you will create banding(darker spots) and that's not pretty. 7. There is nothing like a professional application! A professional colorist can get your hair as close as possible to the color you desire, while using box color will leave you with a mystery result. ****Choose wisely Curlfriends ☺️  Reference Reference


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