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Tips To Styling Your Twa

Tips to styling your TWA The internet is literally bursting with styles for women celebrating their short, sexy hair, and if you are struggling with your own teeny weeny afro (TWA) and simply don't know how to wear or feminize your look, it helps to watch a couple videos of women who have your texture to get some ideas. Below I have put together some tips to help you through this cool stage. Four Simple TWA Tips 1. MOISTURIZE AND SEAL OFTEN This can mean everyday or every other day depending on how you style your hair. Use water, water based products and aloe vera juice to add moisture to your hair. While your hair is really short, there's nothing wrong with getting it wet in the shower every morning if you want to! 2. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SCALP Scalp health is always important but when you have a TWA, making sure your scalp is super healthy is extremely important because you have less hair to protect it. Keep your scalp clean, clarify if you have to and massage your head with your favorite oil often to keep your blood flowing.
3. PROTECT YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT Don't think that just because your hair is short you can avoid protecting it as much as you should! Sleeping with a satin scarf is always recommended but you can also opt for a satin pillow case as an alternative. Either way, protecting your hair from the beginning will only be beneficial as your hair grows longer-- the hair on your head now will become the ends of your length! 4. HAVE FUN WITH STYLING Do accessorize, do wear parts, do play with products and do play with color (responsibly). Have as much fun as you would like with your hair. What styles did you rock when you were in the TWA stage?  Reference Reference


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