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Couples Going Natural Together

Couples going natural together By Jenna the cosmetologist Going natural is a very difficult decision and it should be well calculated. You should also talk with your partner so they will be on board with you. The worst thing that can happen, is that you decide to go natural and your spouse doesn't agree with your decision. I know when I started my first set of locs over 10 years ago my husband decided to start them with me. It was awesome that he felt that he wanted to join me. We went through every stage together. It really marked our relationship because every year our hair grew it marked a great stage that we reached together. I mean we did each others hair and we just learned each other through our hair. We learned our textures and loved them. We would say that wow our kids are going to have some hair.
When we would go out we were known as the loc family. I enjoyed being natural with my husband. We were each others cheering section. As my hair grew I felt more regal and he would remind me that I am. Hair is certainly a blessing. I would always recommend that you and your spouse and kids all be natural. It makes the whole image look complete. I think it looks off to see a child natural but the mother still wears relaxer. Also if the husband has locs and the wife has relaxer. It just looks off key to me. Now when your man looks at a woman rocking locs you can't get mad because if he wears them more than likely he wants you to be natural with him. So don't be scared to go natural together it will certainly make you stronger in the long run. Reference Reference


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