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Loving Yourself No Matter The Size

She's been doing "Full Figure Fridays" on Instagram forever, so WE already know thatGoo Goo Atkins is all about celebrating curves. However, try to find an interview or magazine article that expressly focuses on Goo's weight, and you might have a hard time. Goo doesn't document every aspect of her weight loss journey because, in her words, she is more than her size. But yesterday, Goo felt that it was time to come out and clear up a few things. The stylist took to Instagram where she shared a collage that included four pictures of herself at various weights ranging from between 193-234lbs. Goo Goo let everyone know that she has always been a thick girl with curves and she is not ashamed of it! Fad diets? Waist training? Weight loss surgery? Not this girl! Goo shut down anyone who might even suggest that she has undergone a surgery, sculpting or fat transfers. Having lost 40 pounds over the past two years, she let everyone know that no one undergoes surgery to lose that amount of weight.
Goo went on to say that while it might take some time to shed a few pounds, at least she's doing it in the healthiest way possible. The stylist works out six days a week and shuns solicitations for get skinny quick schemes. Way to go Goo Goo! I love that you're a positive role model when it comes to body image and think that you're beautiful exactly as you are!  Reference Reference


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