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No One Is Ever 100% Natural

On this page natural hair is anything growing out of your scalp let's get that clear. I am natural because I choose to wear my own hair. Now I wear color some might say that I'm not natural. There is no such thing as a hundred percent natural we all know that our common water that we use out of our tap has chemicals in it all day everyday so ladies today I would like you to know that natural hair is the hair that's growing out of your Scalp. Take care of your hair whether you choose to wear a relaxer, color, braids or wear it short like mine take care of your natural hair. I myself decided to change the definition of natural hair. We must learn how to take care of our hair no matter what state it is in. no discrimination here all hair is beautiful whether it is relaxed or not relaxed all hair is beautiful all textures are beautiful. before we learn how to love our hair we must love ourselves. we must look in the mirror and see ourselves as being beautiful.
Hair is an accessory and something that we use to express ourselves. Sometimes I feel that we can take our hair too seriously, by this I mean that we too far involved in what others may think about our hair. I hear alot of stories from my clients about how their friends told them what to do with their hair. This frustraties me because I am the professional and I feel that the only person that I should be working with is the paying client that is sitting in my chair. I am not concerned about what their friends and family may think but unfortunately the client is, so this shows me that the client is not confident and my job is not to give people confidence they should come to me with that already. I have seen hundreds of ladies over the years that are not happy no matter what they're wearing. I have had women wear relaxer and they were not happy with their hair and I've had ladies who wears locs who are not happy with their hair I have had ladies who had free natural hair who was not happy with their hair so I feel that you must be happy with yourself first before you learn how to love your hair. I hope that I have broaden your horizons with this new definition of natural hair. My business is surrounded with women of all textures and all races I do not discriminate when it comes to hair and I am knowledgeable of hair period.  Reference Reference


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