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Traction Alopecia

I see this case quite often..this is the beginning stages of traction alopecia. This is very common in the natural hair community due to the fact that naturals like protective styles and head bands. Please don't wait until it gets this bad for you to do something. Once alopecia sits in it can be irreversibly. Once you see that your hair around your perimeter is thinning stop wearing tight hairatyles. Styles like braids,weaves, and your everyday pon tail promotes this to happen.
Your hair does not have to be tight for this to happen. Just everyday wearing the same hairstyles will cause this to happen. You must go to a trichologist to help you with hair restoring. So it's better to prevent this from happening by not always messing with your hair. Alopecia can also happen in the middle of your head as well. The edges are so sensitive because the hair around your hairline is made up of different hair. This hair is not as tough as the rest of your hair. To learn more about this disease please join our classes. The link is below. Reference Reference


Pam C
(Sun, Feb 28, 2016)

Where can you buy that lace cornrow or braided wig that you all featured on Face Book? There is no information or link given. Thanks in advance.

Sherry Graham
(Sun, Sep 11, 2016)

I have traction alopecia. My hair was damaged at a salon in 2006. The stylist placed weave in my hair with glue after I asked her not to. What can I do?

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