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Benifits Of Olive Oil For Natural Hair

Benifits of olive oil for natural hair By Gems Natural Hair Care HOW TO USE OLIVE Olive oil is one of the top emollients that can penetrate the hair, and its lightweight nature makes it great for moisturizing. Olive oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. Extra virgin oil is also rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an antioxidant important for hair growth. Olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair.
DIY Olive Oil Hair Treatment Another great thing about olive oil is that it's a cheap and easy way to add moisture to your hair. Here's a simple olive oil treatment you can try for achieving beautiful hair at home. WARM about a half a cup of olive oil in a microwaveable bowl or cup. The olive oil should be warm but not hot to the touch. If you have fine hair or prefer a lighter treatment, add coconut, sweet almond or jojoba oil.POUR one tablespoon of the olive oil mixture into the palm of your hands.STARTING with your scalp, massage the oil into your hair in a circular motion using your fingertips. Finish by massaging the tips of your hair.PLACE your oil-drenched hair into a shower cap or wrap it with plastic wrap.LET the olive oil sit for between 545 minutes, then rinse and shampoo as usual. MORE: Homemade Olive Oil Hair Recipes Homemade Olive Oil Pre-Poo Another way to treat your hair to the benefits of olive oil is with a pre-poo treatment. A "pre-poo" is usually an oil treatment applied to hair prior to shampooing or conditioning. Here's our tutorial for how to mix and apply a pre-poo. Dry or Wet Hair? Some women prefer applying olive oil treatments to wet and recently conditioned hair while others want their hair to be dry. If your hair is wet and conditioned, it will lock in the moisture and additional nutrients when the olive oil is applied. The downside is that olive oil is already slightly more difficult to apply due to the hair's slipper nature. If you apply olive oil to dry hair, it has a similar effect, but many argue it doesn't lock in as many nutrients as the wet treatment. Even so, it's less of a mess than the wet method. Reference Reference


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