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Tips On Taking Care Of Your Hair While Transitioning To Natural.

Tips on taking care of your hair while transitioning to natural. GEMS NATURAL HAIR CARE SO YOU HAVE DECIDED TO GO NATURAL. Some women are courageous enough to do the BIG CHOP. Others are not just ready to be fully commited. I myself did the big chop over 10 years ago. It was freeing and much easier for me. I just feel because I am a professional that thinks that transitioning takes a lot more work due to the fact that it is more fragile. The two textures together causes breakage and dryness. Products for natural hair are geared towards women with one curly texture. The limp ends can really ruin a style. Next are some naturals from GEMS NATURAL HAIR CARE SALON AND LIVING. They have shared their experiences and products that has helped them. I hope that this helps all who are thinking about transitioning to natural. ---Being that I've been natural since 2009 I realize that protective styles helped my transition and combing through my hair while in the shower helps making it less painful to comb through once I get out the shower I put leave in condition in along with curl activator which makes my curls come out more. --I'm transitioning now and it's been 8 months. Very difficult because of the heat and humidity. I go to a natural stylist. I wrap it every time I lay down. I use chi serum in between getting my hair steamed and treated. I would like to change my style, but weaves thinned out my edges and dries my hair out. Thinking about getting fishtail braids for a while.
--There's a product from African Pride for transitioners. It lasts for 4-6 weeks. I tried it and it helped, but like some I am a "head sweater" and when even keeping perms was a chore. --I went short and cut off all the relaxed hair because my hair started breaking off real bad. My natural hair is so healthy and curly. I use Shea Moisture, Fructis Style Curl Construct mousse, Organics Texture My Way curl keeper moisturizing hair lotion, and Blue Magic hair grease. I shampoo and condition with TRESemme' curl hydration. How Is your transitioning journey going? Comment on our community on facebook. Reference Reference


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