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The Regimen Of Combing Your Natural Hair

So I received a call today from someone saying that she has not combed her hair since FEBRUARY. My question is this, how does someone go 5 months without combing their hair and not have a head full of locs? Can you all enlighten me on that and how long do you go without combing your hair? Real talk for my naturals These are the responses from the community NATURALs from the GEMS NATURAL HAIR CARE SALON AND LIVING FACEBOOK PAGE. --When I section my hair for conditioning. I sometimes don't need a comb for few days. I use my hands to untangle, part, and comb. I just mess up. When I get too tired to braid every night. Then I would use a comb. Maybe she is consistent w/ running her fingers in her. --Finger combing/detangling. There are some naturals that I know of who haven't combed their have in 2 years.
--So as a shampoo assistant I experienced this exact thing. Saturday at 3 when the shop closes a lady walks in with a wig on and wants to get done so of course she's being squeezed in. We tell her and she waits until about 4. She's beyond desperate to get it done so we take her. She takes her wig off and says she hasn't done anything to her hair for 6 months but wear her wig. Doesn't even braid it for her wig. She's natural but there is no other way to get through her hair without relaxing it. My boss spent an hour just trying to break the matted hair down and by the end of her service her hair was still natural. The relaxer broke it down enough just to get through it. Lol It was the worst experience of my life in a salon. She hadn't washed it in a year. Smh it was disgusting. And 2 years later she came back with it matted again. Smh --I finger comb mines and comb maybe twice a week but if I condition well enough I can go at least a week. --I can go two weeks while wearing a twist out. Only combing on wash day or to change my style. --honestly, the same way they'll go months without shampooing it. U get complacent in ur laziness and then one day u wake up tired of looking like a scrub and decide to subject someone else to the madness! --4-5 days after a twist out to detangle new growth otherwise my hair will tangle terribly & cause breakage. I'm only 8mos transitioning, so still learning methods that work for my hair type since my natural curl pattern isn't as defined as years prior to relaxing. Her method of no comb, boggles the mind. -- try to stay away from the comb..I braid it and when it's time to come out I am forced to comb it..of which I dread. --Even after shampooing, this sister didn't bother to untangle her hair, then blow dryer comb or even air dry. There are many creme detanglers, even the ones for caucasion hair are worth trying. Cutting really low is probably her best bet for a while and start over, better management. --  Reference Reference


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