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Cleansing Your Natural Hair

How to Build a Regimen: You probably have a book full of tips and research by now, but how do you organised everything into digestible information? How can you use all the information to build an action plan? You probably read hair tips which advised you to moisturize daily, cleanse weekly, deep condition bi-weekly and style weekly. When it comes to building a regimen, you have to develop a plan which fits your hair and lifestyle. There's no doubt that you'll be doing more to your hair at this point, and so the same way a baby has to change clothes so many times in a day, your hair routine will need to be "changed" (refreshed) more often than when you were relaxed or weaved up.
A hair care regimen should consist of the following: 1. Cleansing, 2. Deep conditioning and detangling 3. Daily moisturizing and sealing 4. Weekly protective styling Reference Reference


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