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Natural Hair Equals Confidence

NATURAL HAIR EQUALS CONFIDENCE GEMS NATURAL SALON AND LIVING So you want to go NATURAL. Well to go natural is much more deeper than cutting all of your hair off and to just wait for it to grow back. It is a conscious decision that should be made. You should not attempt to go natural just because your friend is doing it or it just in style to do so. You should really do your research and really figure out if it is for you. GOING NATURAL IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY. It really is not. This is because to go natural you have to be ready to stand out. You have to be ready to be looked at differently. See just because you are ready to give up the Relaxer and grow in your natural texture,does not mean that the people around you will be as well. You have to be ready to stand firm in your belief and wear your hair with confidence. Yes I said confidence. If you are a person that feels that their hair is "NAPPY" OR I EVEN HAVE HEARD "NIGERISH" you should not be going natural. See using these terms says that you are not proud of your hair and that you are embarrassed of it. If you talk of your hair in such ways what makes you think others will accept it. Now by no means am I saying that you need others approval because you dont. I have been dealing with the natural hair community for over 15 years and I had to have a since of confidence
Everybody did not understand my hair choices. I had to be ok with that. When you are confident and know that your hair is beautiful than no one else can tell you otherwise. If you know that starting the natural hair journey will be a learning journey than you will be fine. If you know and realize that having natural hair does not mean unkempt and uncombed than you will be fine. If you realize that you may need a hair care person during your journey than you will be fine. However if you are a person that feels that they can do everything themselves..than you may run into some problems. Product knowledge is also a must all products are not for everybody. I have developed a natural hair community for just this reason. It really takes a village to learn our hair. The beautiful thing about our hair is not two textures are exactly alike. We have awesome hair. When you realize that your hair is awesome and sometimes envied than you will be a confident NATURAL.  Reference Reference Join US On FaceBook


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