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Neyo Says F*** Yall..i'm Happy!!

When Ne-Yo shared his exciting news aboutCrystal Renay's pregnancy, I'm sure he didn't anticipate the floodgates of shade and criticism bursting wide open on them. The R&B superstar and his fiancée were dragged through the streets of social media for his past relationship with his ex-fiancée,Monyetta Shaw. You may recall Monyetta, the mother of Ne-Yo's two children, Madilyn and Mason, had her tubes tied and burned after the singer told her he didn't want anymore children. On "Atlanta Exes," we watched Monyetta grieve the loss of her relationship with Ne-Yo, who announced their split on Instagram, and her decision to tie her tubes.
Despite his public apology to Monyetta, the public has been unforgiving of Ne-Yo. Calling the "Religious" singer everything but a child of God. Ne-Yo clapped back at his critics in a profanity-laced rant where he wrote, "F**K YALL Jedi-mind tricks? Imma say this and leave it alone. THIS IS MY SH*T. MY LIFE. The decisions I make are for me and mine. My kids are healthy, taken care of and know what love is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mo and I are in a good place. Was I not expected not to move on with my life!?! Check this out; My money is right, my family is right F**K ALL Y'ALL. I'M HAPPY. Anyone who disapproves can simply unfollow. It ain't hard to do. Make the green button not green. Much love to our congratulators. Y'all who I was sharing this special news with in the first place. The rest of y'all F**K OFF. I'M TIRED OF BEING NICE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T DESERVE IT. None of you muthaf**kas got anything to say when you see me around no, then it's "can I get a pic" right? So from the bottom of my heart...SHUT THE F**K UP. I'm done. Crystal Renay followed suit by clapping back at a commenter who said she'll be in Monyetta's shoes in due time. Well if he treats me anything like her than I guess I'll live an amazing stress and worry free life just like hers since he provides it FOR her As the drama unfolded in the streets of social media, Monyetta posted a cryptic photo on Instagram that read, "Classy but hurt."  Reference Reference


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