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Miss D Overcoming All Obstacles

Bring It's On Lifetime's Bring It, Miss D helps her troupe of hip-hop dancers with more than choreography... "Miss D has a well-earned reputation for being both afierce competitor and a phenomenal mentor who teaches her students the importance of a goodeducation, persistence and positive self worth,"Lifetime says of the Dancing Dolls coach, whose full name is Dianna Williams. However, the nature of the personal experiences she brings to the plate have raised the eyebrows of some viewers: Miss D admits to participating in a number of adult films during her late teenage years.
"The girls know about my past. We've talked about it. They know about why I did what I did and why I felt like I needed to and what I should have done," she told Madame Noire this month. "I explain to them that I didn't have the support system that they have." Dianna, now 35, said she anticipated viewers of Bring It would criticize her past, but she decided to go forward with the show after a lot of thought. "I originally said no because I felt like my past was going to hurt my kids... [But] after talking to the producers about my life and making decisions that could benefit somebody else and getting over it basically," she said. "I prayed about it. I talked to my husband about it, who was aware when we started dating." Speaking to Christian Post before Bring It's premiere last spring, Miss D said she thinks her experience actually helps her as a coach because the girls can better relate to her. "These kids... They're like me," she said in March. "I tell them, 'Utilize me as a walking, talking example of what not to do as a kid.' But at the same time I want them to understand that people make mistakes and there is a God out there that does forgive and allows you toredeem yourself and move on." Bring It airs on Lifetime on FRIDAYS AT 8 PM EST  Reference Reference


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